2011-02-13 06:42:31Crux of a Core... J Stors Hall
Rob Honeycutt


Now that I understand how the blog posting system works (a little slow on the uptake here) I've put my Crux of a Core 1 up here.

Peter Sinclair is supposed to be working on a companion video that will likely be done in the next week.

All suggestions and criticisms are gratefully encouraged.   

2011-02-13 07:07:04Comments
Dana Nuccitelli

Looks good. A minor comment - I'd change 'NYT' in the Revkin reference to 'New York Times Dot Earth Blog'.

I'd also point out that the CO2 emitted thus far has committed us to 1.4°C warming, which will effectively offset the entire Holocene cooling. You can reference the advanced co2 effect is weak rebuttal or MM#10 (or both) for this point.

Very good post though. I like how you emphasized the widespread misuse of GISP2.

2011-02-13 09:23:31Comments
John Cook

Good stuff, Rob. I'd remove "In other words, he's not a climate researcher and has never published any papers on climate." which is ad hom.

I'd also remove the paragraph on the 50 year difference. It doesn't add to the science and is basically another ad hom. This will actually distract from your strong scientific arguments because it provides a "cognitive window" for skeptics to complain about so they don't have to talk about the science.

What do you think of bullet listing your list of locations - there's a bullet list icon in the WYSIWYG interface.

What's the plan in coordinating with Peter? We should try to roll this out in such a way that it gets maximum attention. So a bit of thought into ways to market and promote the collaboration could be fruitful.

2011-02-13 09:28:39
Rob Honeycutt


I'll work on these updates.  

Not sure what Peter's schedule is.  It always sounds like he's got a number of other projects going and he fits the videos where ever he can in his schedule.  But last we talked it sounded like it was going to be this week.  I'll double check with him and make sure we coordinate the release. 

2011-02-13 09:31:10
Rob Honeycutt

I just remembered, last we spoke he said he was going to be in Washington DC sitting in on some sort of forum.  He was also planning to try to meet up with Joe Romm while he's there.  So, we'll see how his schedule works out.  I'll circle up with him and see.
2011-02-13 09:53:57
Rob Honeycutt

Made the updates.  Let me know what you think...