2011-01-26 19:27:35How to tell if you're a climate geek
John Cook


If you LOLed at "It was you, Professor Milankovich, on the Continental Slope, with the Clathrate Gun!", then you are officially a climate geek (raises hand sheepishly).

I've done a few HTML tweaks - added the blockquote at the end, converted the subheadings to Heading 3 style and I thought it might be a good idea to have the book cover to the right of the opening text - hope that's okay.

Good review and sounds like an interesting book. I like that you didn't shy from mentioning the bits you didn't like.

I think you're on safe ground re the image.

2011-01-27 06:08:26
Andy S


Thanks for the formatting, John. I forgot your rule about no cut-and-paste from MS Word, so I may have embedded some unwanted HTML. Sorry.

There were quite a lot of errors, not just typos but also big SNAFU's with the figures, in David Archer's Understanding the Forecast, see here. I found a few more and wrote to him about it and got a nice reply. Because of this, I was on the lookout in this book. There were some sentences in the current book that I had to reread a few times to make sense of, failing in a couple of instances, and I'm pretty sure that some of these were errors that slipped by the proofreader/editor. I chose not to make an issue of this in the review.

I may make a few more tweaks to the text over the next day. Often, I find some eroors jump out once the text has been reformatted.

I would really welcome some feedback from people here before publishing. Especially on stuff you didn't like or don't understand.

2011-01-27 09:45:09

Good review. I found it  interesting but maybe it's too long for the blog.
2011-02-04 18:03:55Postscript
Andy S


I added a postcript based on breaking news reported in Science about the drought in the Amazon

I have provided references for the emissions but I would be grateful if someone can check my arithmetic. I have used Gtons on carbon rather than CO2 to be consistent with Archer's and Lewis's numbers but I can scarcely believe the numbers myself. The India and China emissions numbers are found on pages 24 and 23 of the IEA report and I converted them from carbon. dioxide to carbon by dividing by 3.67. 

Links are in the article at the top of this thread. 

There's a short BBC video worth watching here. 


John, help! I can't turn off the italics in the postscript. I don't want people to think that postcript is Archer's.

2011-02-04 18:26:16Fixed
John Cook

Let me know if you're ready for this to go live. It's a little long but we've had longer :-)
2011-02-07 04:20:03
Andy S


I'll have a go at shortening it a bit. I'll probably cut out the bit about the orrery, remove the postcript now that the Amazon Drought post is out and I'll see if there is any redundant wording that I can prune out.

Added later: I trimmed it a bit and tightened up some of the wording. There's no real hurry to publish this.