2011-01-14 06:13:59Excellent article by R.T. Pierrehumbert in Jan.2011 Physics Today
Spaceman Spiff
Kirk Korista

"Infrared radiation and planetary temperature", by R.T. Pierrehumbert appearing in Jan.2011 edition of Physics today addresses the radiative physics issues pertaining to the establishment of planetary temperatures -- Earth's in particular, but also those of Mars, Venus, and even exoplanets. Nearly all of the questions raised and discussed in a recent post by Bob Guercio are addressed.  Even in my first reading I have found it amazingly informative. It would likely fall in the "expert" category, but this article, or a summary thereof, would be a great addition to Skeptical Science.

This is my first post here. I hope this is the appropriate forum and that the link worked.


2011-01-14 08:05:23A summary would be a good post
John Cook

If you're interested in writing a summary of this paper, that would be a great idea for a post. Or even split it up into several posts and tackle different subjects in each. There is one other thread where we've discussed this paper: