2010-10-02 13:20:20Runaway warming


It seems to me that there's a fundamental divide over the term "Runaway warming." I could be reading it wrong, but seems to me (apologies for generalising) that the physics community refer to it as complete runaway (ie. to a venus-like atmosphere) and most of the rest refer to it as when the climate 'runs away' from human control (as may happen if natural emissions increase substantiallly due to positive feedbacks. The two are completely different in my opinion, and are the cause of much confusion, well at least for me ;)

So what about a blog post that can expand on the two different usages for this single term? My hesitation is possible conflicts with what Neal King has already written in #125 about runaway warming...

 Any thoughts?




2010-10-02 18:39:13The main point of the positive feedback article


was to show that mathematically, there is no contradiction between positive feedback and self-limiting (increasing but not runway) behavior. There has been a persistent attempt to interpret the article as a proposed description of the actual dynamics of the carbon-cycle feedback. It's not.

If you want to develop an article describing and distinguishing these two uses for the term "runaway", why not develop it in discussion in the Authors section? We can also adjust the other articles, so as to mutually accommodate and clarify the situation with these overlapping issues.

As a suggestion, it might be helpful to sketch out your arguments in a bullet-item list: This might be enough to get started on how the articles overlap and should "interact".