2010-09-24 09:18:49Climate Cherry Pickers: Arctic Sea Ice
John Cook


Haven't written this post yet but just wanted to throw down a place where I can store my content. Am thinking of doing a series of posts "climate cherry pickers" which just highlights the method of cherry picking select bits of data. Short, simple posts that call out the usual tactics. In this case, Steve Goddard's latest post where he posts this graph:


The visual idea is to show a graph with only those 4 years of data but with an X-axis going back to 1980. Kind of similar to Alden Griffith's:


Then show the full set of data to show how cherry picking hides the full picture. Anyway, not written, just had the idea and wanted to store it somewhere along with Goddard's pic before I forget it.

2010-09-24 09:39:23I like it
Dana Nuccitelli

Good idea.  Tamino had a nice graph of all the September data yesterday with a useful quadratic trend line:

2010-09-25 06:33:05Extent data
John Cook


Am still scratchign around for that data - sea ice extent including 2010. Guess I have to wait till September is over. Here's the NOAA's data on September extent:


However, I can already see how skeptics would respond to this line of thinking: