2010-09-17 16:25:08Possible new blog post or minor addition to ocean cooling article
Ari Jokimäki


It was suggested to me that my recent post in my blog should be offered here as well. Here's the blog post:


The subject there seems rather minor point to me so there would be an option just to mention the issue in the debunking of the ocean cooling argument. Another option is not to publish it here at all. :)

What would be most sensible thing to do?

2010-09-17 16:44:38The article seems quite succinct and to the point


but it does not seem to have greater authority than other articles in SkS.

Can it be modified and used as another posting in SkS?

I guess the bigger question is, how SkS should relate to / rely on / link to other sites. 

2010-09-17 20:45:16
Ari Jokimäki


Neal: "Can it be modified and used as another posting in SkS?"

Yes, that's one possible option.

2010-09-17 21:21:54
Rob Painting


Given the OHC meme seems to gets a regular airing in the comments at SKS (often off-topic), a worthwhile contribution methinks (with a few little modifications).



2010-09-18 00:36:09

I especially like the digging into the NODC description and the ARGO team advice. It cannot be a post by itself but we could think of an update quoting from AGWObserver. Or someone (Ari?) might like to write a more in depth post. ;)